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4 Dec

I like studying in coffee shops because I can get things done and be entertained by all kinds of stories at the same time. Its like listening to a bunch of reality shows at once. But not as obnoxious.

Life is happening all around. I love it.


im a professional

9 Dec

Thats right, kids. I am a professional… procrastinator that is. And if this blog at 2am while I am in the midst of “studying” is any indication, then I have a long night ahead.

Lucky for me, I am not tired. Yet. So lets hope that lasts, since its pretty much all I have going for me at this point.

Its times like these I wonder about the bigger picture. Sleepless nights spent studying, cramming, writing papers… its all for a reason, it all adds up to a much bigger purpose. Or, well, it better. This girl loves her sleep, so I really need to believe that this is all going to be worth it.

Time will tell I s’pose.

Time is both my friend and my enemy. But mostly my enemy.