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its hard to make cds

2 Jan

Im making a “running” cd for my friend. I’ve never made a cd for running purposes before. Im not sure how to know for sure if the songs are actually good for running. I guess the most logical solution would be for me to go running with it before I give it to him, but that just seems like too much work, and Im not good at running, or at least not as good as someone who describes themselves as “a runner”. And we wouldn’t have the same pace. Its very complicated. The songs seem pretty upbeat… which was the whole idea behind it. I guess I will just give it and wait for feedback. Awesome feedback.  

I am also giving him the soundtrack from the movie “Once” – but he hasn’t seen the movie. Have you ever listened to the music soundtrack of a movie before seeing the actual movie? At first, you think, you cant do that – that would make the movie all weird, and strangely familiar, but not really at all what you pictured in your head that the songs would be coinciding with. Thats happened to me twice (that I remember) – and the Once Soundtrack was one of them – but I think it made me appreciate the music more. Like, I almost liked the music more because I heard it first. But of course, thats impossible to know if I would have really liked it MORE or not. So, I am going to give it to him, but I am going to warn him, make sure he knows there is a very important choice to be made. haha

Im going to shop the outlets in Orlando. Or Otown, as we locals like to call it. There was a boy band named Otown once. I went to their concert. Sad but true. Ah, those were the days.

I am making pizza tonight! Its a tradition whenever my friend who lives in California comes home for holidays and such. I am getting pretty good at it. Thats right people. I am GOOD at making food. Well, pizza.