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4 Jan

With a new year comes new years resolutions. Late the other night I discovered that I had completely forgot about this whole resolution-thing. Since then I have been trying to come up with some good ones. But alas, they all seem too broad or they are things Ive already been trying to do… soooo I decided to do some research and just steal other peoples resolutions… I mean… see what other people have resolved to do… resoluted? 

Here are some of my favorites:

(No, I do not know these people. I googled them. So yes, technically, I internet stalked them. Okay.)

  • #5 on Jami’s list: “Find my soulmate” (this made me laugh, since, Im pretty sure its not something you can just decide to do one year)


  • #8 on “Dr Doom”s list: “Invent fourth-personal singular tense in which to refer to one’s self” (now, I don’t know anything about “Dr Doom” but I think its safe to assume that he is one of the bad guys… but speaking in fourth-person would be kinda cool, in a nerdy / narcissistic sort of way)


  • #6 on Mike’s list: “Resolve to stay brutally optimistic” (this may be my new favorite phrase)


  • #1 on Leigh Anne’s list: “Spend more time with your funniest friend” (and on her list, she tells you that if you dont already have a funny friend, you should resolve to find one by April Fools Day, haha)


  • #7 on Leigh Anne’s list: “Learn how to say ‘Im sorry’, ‘Im proud of you’, and ‘I love you’ in sign language” (aww…) 


  • #5 on Melissa’s list: “Resolve to celebrate special occasions in the coming year” (I definitely agree with this one! Make birthdays and holidays special – its a big deal to celebrate someone or with someones you care about!)


Well, hopefully that helps to kick-start your brain, in case you haven’t made your list yet either. 

Happy Resoluting!