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Suit Up!

21 Jun

Wonderful Thursday night with my trusty laptop and sweet glass of wine… ahh, the stuff dreams are made of. Now if only this chair was a hottub.

The hubs is playing his new favorite video game on the computer in the next room. Apparently, IT IS CRAZY AWESOME and has robots and sounds like destruction. Love that nerd.

Speaking of destruction, tonight I made dinner. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at domestical endeavors such as the creation of tasty foods. However, I DO believe I am smart enough to follow step-by-step directions.

Evidently, not so.

Who knew that picking the right substitute ingredients would be so crucial? Why did I even pick a recipe that required said substitutions? I have plenty of other ingredients that are supposed to actually go together to make actual meals! Why did I feel the need to give myself a personal kitchen challenge?? Boo on you, tricky recipe and your “prepared mustard” and other ingredients I tried to unsuccessfully exchange. Yes, the mistake was made before I even began… never really had a chance (do you feel sorry for me yet?). All was not lost though, thanks to my side of microwaveable steam-in-a-bag veggies (is that cheating? I don’t care because they are delicious). In the end, the meal was still totally edible AND I did not have to do the dishes. So, WIN.

All this talk of food and recipes makes me want to head over to Pinterest and get lost in time and space for about 23283794 hours. Seriously, time flies when you get sucked into Pinterest-world. There are so many interesting/pretty/delicious things to pin! But then I wonder, how do people have time to be so crafty? Or are these pins just inspiration that never actually make it into the light? And if so, isn’t that just depressing and the total opposite of the purpose of pinning?? Am I thinking too much about this??

Don’t get me wrong, I love pinning. It helps to inspire me and introduce me to the many possibilities of what could be. It drives me to dream. But it does not always drive me to act. And I don’t think I’m alone, here. I think that is where most of us get stuck.

Actions. Dude, those are hard sometimes. It’s one thing to talk about the plans, to create the goals, but it is completely another thing to take ACTION towards making those plans and goals a reality. Whether it is moving forward in your career, getting in shape, learning new skills, or asking out that girl you can’t stop bothering your friends about (seriously guys – not that hard to invite her to Starbucks), you WILL NOT MAKE IT unless you take a step (or 2 or 500) in that direction. This may sound like #DUH – but if you are facing this kind of “goal-setting vs goal-doing” dilemma, you totally get me right now. I know who you are (not really but you do).

So what ARE the next steps? Don’t get crazy. Just start with something doable for YOU. Something reasonable you can do today or every day or every week to move forward in the direction you want to go. Seek out opportunities, and decide to take them on. Then give yourself an “I am awesome and can totally do this one handed with my eyes closed” pep talk and exclaim– (in the words of the Legend-wait for it-DARY Barney Stinson)–

Challenge: Accepted.




the rabbit hole to mentorship

27 Feb

This might be random.

So the other day I took my nails off. Okay not my real nails (ouch) my fake acrylic nails. I actually really love getting my nails done because I like having long nails, and I can never grow mine out. Im a nail-biter. Its true. So anyways, the point is I decided to take a break from the acrylic nails for now. I know, I know, you are obviously dying to know the reasons behind such a huge, life-altering decision. Who wouldn’t be? So I’ll tell you:

1) Moneys. Getting your nails done every 2 or 3 weeks is expensive, and this girl has zero income being a professional student and all.

2) Goals. I have a guitar at my house from many years ago when I wanted to learn how to play. That day never came. Also, do you have any idea how difficult impossible it is to play the guitar with long nails? You cant. Or at least not on one hand, I guess. Okay Im not saying thats why I never learned how to play, but I have decided my newly shortened nails will help re-motivate me in this endeavor. Thats right people, I am going to learn things, musical things, on the guitar. (Now I just need someone to teach me.)

Speaking of goals, there is this website I came across the other day called “43 Things” (www.43things.com). Its basically a site where you can make a “life list” or a list of goals and things you want to accomplish. As you complete them, you can mark them as “Things Ive Done” and share how long it took you and how you did it. You can see how many other people have listed the same things, and how they accomplished their goals as well. You can even give “cheers” to people to encourage them in completing their life lists.

This concept intrigued me. How awesome would it be to live in such community where we encourage one another to achieve our wildest dreams? Where we cheer people on in the pursuit of their goals – where we even know/care what their goals and aspirations are. Where those who have accomplished amazing things share advice and strategies with others who have similar big dreams. It would be like having a group of people that supports your quest to accomplish the deepest desires of your heart. What you really want out of life.

I think we spend so much time caught up in “the real world” that we forget what our true passions are – or we have simply given up on them because we see them as unrealistic. 

I have often heard the phrase “dream big” in christian circles, usually directed at youth, talking about doing great things for Christ, and of course this verse:

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. (I Tim 4:12)

I guess its because the youth have so much potential that is yet to be realized, so their main positive influencers tell them they can be/do anything they set their minds to. That anything is possible. Because when you are young, you believe it. 

Thats just one of the many reasons why the youth are so important. You want radical change? You want revolution? You want to believe in something you traded in long ago? As we get older, we get cynical. Some people prefer to call it “being a realist.” We lose that fire/spark/passion as we get older, when we realize that Disney has lied to us our whole childhood, that the real world is not a happy place filled with rainbows and sunshine. The youth have the power to change the world because they dont know what cant be done.

The older we get, the more jaded we become by hardships and heartbreaks and the sad realities of tremendous hurt all over the world today. Not to say that the youth cannot understand these things, because I think they can, but they arent so much focused on them. They have worlds to conquer and battles to be won and their idealistic views keep them determined to achieve such great things. 

Youth are full of energy. They never tire. They give their all to what they’re passionate about, unlike those of us who do just enough and then think we need/deserve a break. Plus, the younger generation tends to approach new things with a clean slate, without years of prejudice and old ways of doing things — which is evident in todays issues of racism, homosexuality, etc.  

Now even though I am singing their praises, the youth are far from perfect of course. But my point is, we need them. Desperately. Their zeal and energy, their idealism. To see the youth being looked down upon and told they are worthless and incapable – that their dreams are unrealistic and stupid – breaks my heart because it is NOT TRUE. What this young generation needs is guidance and healthy investment in their lives, not discouragement and lies about their worth. 

They need YOU.

Ever thought about it? Being a mentor. Investing in the life of someone younger than you. Someone going through what you went through, someone in need of sound (Biblical) advice and true caring. Allowing God to use you to lift someone up to their full potential.

Jesus sets the ultimate example in this area when He chose His 12 disciples, and poured out and invested into their lives. He taught them, encouraged them, and was a role model for their lives. But He didn’t just preach at them, He shared His ministry and lived His life with them for 3 years. In Genesis, Moses seeks advice from his father-in-law Jethro, and Moses in turn also develops mentoring-type relationships with Joshua and Caleb. There’s plenty of other examples throughout the Bible like Naomi mentoring Ruth, Elijah and Elisha, Jonathan and David, even Mary and Elizabeth.

Heres another thought – who are YOUR mentors? Do you have one? One of my old CO professors wrote about this whole you-should-find-a-mentor idea, heres a small piece:

You and I must also avail ourselves of those that can give wise counsel. Look around and seek out those that can mentor you — and in boldness, ask them to. A mentor doesn’t have to be perfect. The truth is, the mentor/student relationship is about walking along together, living life and waiting for Jesus to show up. There is no magic formula or program, merely the heart of a young man or woman connecting with an older man or woman, trying to learn and live life together. There’s a lot of wisdom in those that have walked the path ahead of us, and we can demonstrate wisdom by recognizing this. They don’t have it all figured out, but they have so much to offer — just ask. What difference might life with a mentor make to you right now?

I think I need to get me one of those.

Well, I don’t know how this went from nails to mentoring, but I guess thats the sort of rabbit hole you’ve come to expect from my blogs. Haha.