Keep It Simple

22 Jun

It’s Saturday morning, birds are chirp-yelling, husband is snoring, and I am all out of my Keurig coffees (boo!)

I would not classify myself as a “morning person”, and neither would my husband or sister or mom or anyone who has ever heard my alarm go off a billion times before I finally muster up the motivation to part ways with my amazing bed (because is IS an amazing bed). But I have noticed this disturbing trend lately  where I magically awaken at times that are generally considered “pretty freakin early” (umm… SATURDAY?!) Not. Cool. So fine, my eyes may be open, and my brain may be on, but that does NOT mean I have to get out of bed. After a few seconds I realize this could get boring, so I grab my phone and somehow end up on Facebook – don’t act like you don’t do it too – you know what I’m talking about… Oh, what time is it… oh that’s early… oh maybe I should check my email… wait, what is that shiny blue ‘f’ icon… I think I must click on it… MUST. CLICK. There’s really no way around it.

Anyways, during my early morning FB peruse, I came across this little gem of a quote via a friend of a friend’s cousin’s sister’s husband’s facebook friend’s twitter follower (close enough)–

“Don’t overcomplicate your life. Love God, love people, work hard & have fun! Most other stuff isn’t worth worrying about.” -Dave Willis

I like it. Simple. To the point.

Love God, Love People, Work Hard, Play Hard, The End. 

When you put it like that, it sounds somewhat easy to take on that mantra and manage that kind of lifestyle, but in reality (which is where WE live), it is in fact EASIER to lose perspective and lose sight of what truly matters in the midst of everyday life. As a female, and a wife, and a female, I dare say there are times when we get SO upset and caught up and worried about things that DO NOT MATTER – we are MASTERS at overcomplicating issues! (Is anyone shocked about this?) I know, I know, I cannot speak for ALL females and wives, as there are many with perfect relationships and perfectly shaped eyebrows who never yell or cry or poop (guys, beware).

crazy pills

Why do we overcomplicate? Why do we act the crazy ways we do at times? Is it selfishness? Am I so caught up in MY little world that is all about ME that I can’t see anything or anyone else? Do I REALLY care about other people? Do I SHOW them? Am I more concerned with what activities I am doing rather than who I am doing them with? Am I placing importance on the wrong things? Do I even have self-awareness? I am more concerned with myself than others? And am I OKAY with that? Isn’t there more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking??


It is time to adjust our mindsets, realign our attitudes, and start seeing things differently. It’s like wearing those tinted sunglasses that make everything look green. It’s time to start viewing our relationships, our work, and our world differently. It is time to start living with purpose, on purpose. Be intentional with your relationships, your work, and your life. Identify value in these areas, and then add more value to them. Because seriously people, some things in life are important and worth investing in and adding value to, and heck, even getting upset over. Other things are not.


Suit Up!

21 Jun

Wonderful Thursday night with my trusty laptop and sweet glass of wine… ahh, the stuff dreams are made of. Now if only this chair was a hottub.

The hubs is playing his new favorite video game on the computer in the next room. Apparently, IT IS CRAZY AWESOME and has robots and sounds like destruction. Love that nerd.

Speaking of destruction, tonight I made dinner. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at domestical endeavors such as the creation of tasty foods. However, I DO believe I am smart enough to follow step-by-step directions.

Evidently, not so.

Who knew that picking the right substitute ingredients would be so crucial? Why did I even pick a recipe that required said substitutions? I have plenty of other ingredients that are supposed to actually go together to make actual meals! Why did I feel the need to give myself a personal kitchen challenge?? Boo on you, tricky recipe and your “prepared mustard” and other ingredients I tried to unsuccessfully exchange. Yes, the mistake was made before I even began… never really had a chance (do you feel sorry for me yet?). All was not lost though, thanks to my side of microwaveable steam-in-a-bag veggies (is that cheating? I don’t care because they are delicious). In the end, the meal was still totally edible AND I did not have to do the dishes. So, WIN.

All this talk of food and recipes makes me want to head over to Pinterest and get lost in time and space for about 23283794 hours. Seriously, time flies when you get sucked into Pinterest-world. There are so many interesting/pretty/delicious things to pin! But then I wonder, how do people have time to be so crafty? Or are these pins just inspiration that never actually make it into the light? And if so, isn’t that just depressing and the total opposite of the purpose of pinning?? Am I thinking too much about this??

Don’t get me wrong, I love pinning. It helps to inspire me and introduce me to the many possibilities of what could be. It drives me to dream. But it does not always drive me to act. And I don’t think I’m alone, here. I think that is where most of us get stuck.

Actions. Dude, those are hard sometimes. It’s one thing to talk about the plans, to create the goals, but it is completely another thing to take ACTION towards making those plans and goals a reality. Whether it is moving forward in your career, getting in shape, learning new skills, or asking out that girl you can’t stop bothering your friends about (seriously guys – not that hard to invite her to Starbucks), you WILL NOT MAKE IT unless you take a step (or 2 or 500) in that direction. This may sound like #DUH – but if you are facing this kind of “goal-setting vs goal-doing” dilemma, you totally get me right now. I know who you are (not really but you do).

So what ARE the next steps? Don’t get crazy. Just start with something doable for YOU. Something reasonable you can do today or every day or every week to move forward in the direction you want to go. Seek out opportunities, and decide to take them on. Then give yourself an “I am awesome and can totally do this one handed with my eyes closed” pep talk and exclaim– (in the words of the Legend-wait for it-DARY Barney Stinson)–

Challenge: Accepted.



And so it begins. Again.

19 Jun

The time has come for a new blog to be born. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is happening.

Time Flies

13 Jan

Well, it’s true what they say – time flies when you’re having rum fun!

Since I haven’t updated this in almost 2 years (oops!), here’s a quick “life update” for you all. And seeing as how it is the beginning of the year, it seems fitting to have a lil recap of past years’ highlights.

– Graduated with my Master’s degree!
– went on a cruise
– became another year older

– got a new job
– got engaged
– got married!
– became another year older

Yep. The highlights. Pretty big and exciting years for me, besides the getting older part.

Speaking of getting older, we are planning a trip to Italy this year for my friend’s big milestone birthday! Now THAT is a great way to get older without caring that you just got older. Why don’t we do this every year?? Why aren’t we all millionaires?!? *sigh* But yes, ITALY – as in, home of some of the most amazing sights in the world and, of course, fabulous food (aka “carbs”). Time to get my gym on.

So Happy New Year all! Sorry for neglecting you, bloggie world. Hopefully you will hear much more from me in 2013!

P.S. Here’s one of my favorite photos from our wedding – enjoy!