What’s in a (blog) name?

Curious about the title of this blog?

Well… way back when I began this blog, I was uber-obsessed with my then-new purchase of Snow Patrol’s latest album: A Hundred Million Suns. In fact, I still love it today. If you don’t own it, you should. The song entitled “Lifeboats” became one of my favorites and thus inspired the main title of this blog.

I just love the whole concept of sending out a lifeboat – to rescue, to save a life, to bring hope into the darkness when you thought it was the end, or even to safely escape your “sinking ship” (whatever it may be).

It fit well enough with another concept in my head at the time, the idea of “returning”. It sounds strange, but I was (and still am) fascinated by the idea of returning to our true selves, to who we are / who we have been all along, to who God had created us to be. We were meant for so much more, and with God on our side, nothing is impossible. In Hebrew, the word “t’shuva” means “to return” -which I learned through a book I was reading at the time called “Velvet Elvis”. I wrote a short blog post about it here.

This blog has evolved through the years, but I believe it’s overarching theme is still the journey to “return” to the person God has created us to be, as well as trying to bring hope and light to others along the way. I am sending out the lifeboats. Searching for fellow survivors along this journey to return to who we truly are. Feel free to crawl in.


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