Private Jets and Dinner Parties

14 Jul

So yesterday I rode on a private jet in the morning, Florida to Washington DC, left at 6am, back by 1:30pm. Talk about the life of luxury! If I had a private jet… ahh the possibilities are endless!


After I got home from my fancy morning excursion (and I DO mean FANCY), I cleaned and began to cook for our Italian Dinner Parttay! Now, there is a word in that sentence that would make all of my friends *gasp* in awe…



Italian ones!

I am going to go ahead and say this this was definitely a team effort (thanks Hubby!) because I am NOT all the best at the cooking. But in the end, all was edible and merriment was had (there was also lots of vino, so that helped).


Side Note: Dinner parties always remind me of that Office episode with Michael and Jan… SO funny







Hosting was fun. I even got to use a lot of our fancy wine glasses and serving dishes we received a la wedding registry. Plus, it was the first time many of our friends had seen the result of months of home-improvement-disasterness. Yep, nothing like home improvements and fancy dinner parties to make you feel like a grownup. When the crap did that happen??


Being a grownup is weird. But, I kind of like it.





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