anotha’ motha’

5 May

So Mother’s Day is coming up. For reals. And by coming up I mean it is in 3 days. THREE DAYS.

Sure, all you may do for Mother’s Day is make a phone call, send some flowers, or go out to eat… and that is nice and thoughtful and such, but if you’re anything like me, you want to do something MORE… to find the PERFECT gift to express how much you love your momma! But finding a gift for mom is HARD. In fact, Mother’s Day is the hardest “holiday” to shop for (seriously, I read that… somewhere). I mean, what kind of gift could ever truly mean enough that celebrates what a mother has done for you?

And I’m not just talking about your biological raised-you-for-18-years mother (or maybe more like 12 years and then you got too cool to be “raised”), but also those other special women who stepped in and sort of played the mother role for a while during different (important) seasons of your life. They made you who you are and shaped you into the person you have become, whether you like it or not. At one point in time (when you were born) you had a mother, everyone did, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she was your mom, the person who loved and cared for you no matter what. I could go on to list all the amazing qualities a mom has, but I would be here all week.

But Mother’s Day can also be a painful day for some, as it may remind them of their precious moms who are no longer with us on this earth. It is a hard day for a lot of people, which is something to definitely keep in mind. But the memories of loved ones can be both bitter and sweet, and having a day dedicated to remembering them may be just what the soul needs.

So take time to be aware and perhaps reach out to those around you who may be having a hard time on this day. Share some love and show some kindness. That is what being a Christ-follower is all about, afterall… reaching out to those who hurt, meeting needs where we can, loving in the midst of feeling abandoned and hopeless. We need to walk the talk, people.

This year, as I celebrate my own (very awesome) momma, I will also be on mission to recognize those “other mothers” in my life. I may only be able to send some words in a card, but I want them to know that their “mom” role in my life is one that I treasure, even if I’m just their child from anotha’ motha’ – cha know?

So I encourage you, my bloggie readers, to celebrate ALL the mothers in your life, and don’t forget to reach out to those who may be having a tough time this Mother’s Day.



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