Warning: wedding season ahead

27 Apr


Every little girl’s dream. Every little boy’s nightmare.

I feel it is only fair to warn you… there may be quite a bit of future bloggy-ness pertaining to ALL the weddings that I am attending, participating in, and styling hair for in the coming weeks/months/years. Which, as my boyfriend says, is way more weddings than any guy should ever have to go to. Ever. He is such a good sport.

I guess I am just “at that age” (or so I’ve been told), but I cannot count the number of weddings I have been to in the last few years. I can hardly count the ones I know of coming up this year. Not to mention engagement parties, bridal showers, registry gift shopping trips, and researching things like “black jewelry” and popular wedding cake flavors. Don’t get me wrong, I am a girl and do actually find these things exciting and fun (most of the time), but not all females get googlie-eyed over wedding festivities. In fact, some hate it more than men, and that’s okay. Truth is, you can feel however you want to feel about weddings, who cares? At least you get some good ideas about what you like/don’t like for the future (or is that just the girl in me?)

So I go to a lot of weddings. I like them, they are fun and happy and sometimes have good food. I enjoy the variety of styles, colors, decorations, emotions, traditions, and other such things that make a wedding unique to that specific couple. Interestingly enough though, I have also begun to notice certain similarities, namely among wedding-goers. Yes, there are certain guests who show up in every single wedding. Just to name a few:

1) All My Single Ladies: Of course there will be girls who arrive solo to weddings, but there are 2 extremes I have come to love. They see weddings quite differently, as either (A) the constant reminder of what they DON’T have a probably never will, seeing as how there is a total lack of available/straight/cute/rich men in their life and surrounding 500 mile radius… they can usually be found crying in the bathroom during the first dance or getting a few too many wine-refills at the open bar in hopes of drowning their future-non-wedding woes. Or (B) weddings are a chance to meet every cute, eligible bachelor in the bridal party or otherwise handsome guest out on the dance floor… this type of single lady is ready to get her Samantha on as she and some guy Sex-and-the-City-it out of there after the Bride and Groom drive off into the sunset. Of course, she’ll never call or see him again (but he is very cute).

2) Have You Met My Boyfriend: This girl is in a relationship and has dragged her poor boyfriend with her to yet another wedding… she is really only thinking one thing here: “OMG when will I be a BRIDE?! Doesn’t he realize he better put a ring on it soon? Hope this helps him see the light…” She shows off her “trophy bf” to all the other females in the place, trying to rub it in that she is THAT much closer to being the next one to get married… much closer than THEY are. But little does she realize that all the girly giggles as she introduces him to her friends, all the “who’s next” talk, the bouquet/garter tossings, the having to get dressed up, and of course the long, drawn-out (dare he say “boring”) wedding traditions may have just pushed that engagement back a couple more months… or years.

3) This Ain’t No Hoe-Down: Some girls don’t need much of an excuse to dress like a skank – bars, dance clubs, weddings… what’s the difference? They all have dance floors right? There’s always at least one girl in the tiny outfit and the killer-high-heels, gettin down on the floor like the dancing queen she believes she is. There is nothing you can do about this, Brides. Just let her be.

It is true, as a Bride you simply cannot control everything, even though it is YOUR day and YOU had been planning it for EVER to be PERFECT. Yes, there are some beautiful Bride-to-Be’s who turn an ugly shade of Bridezilla, but they really can’t be any worse than those bratty 16-year-olds on “My Super Sweet 16” (am I right??)

So beware bloggy-readers, for wedding season is upon us!


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