26 Apr

Well well well… look who’s back! What’s that? You’ve been here the whole time? I’m the one who’s been missing?

Yes… well… um… ya know… I’ve been busy and such… for reals… did I mention…


See, totally a valid excuse. Shame on you, bloggie world, for jumping to conclusions… thinking I had forgotten about you and didn’t love you anymore!

Still, I guess I could have updated something. But what’s done is done. And now I am free as a bird! No more class EVER AGAIN. Unless I want to be a doctor, which I currently do not. Ever.

Now that I shall be a Master, the fun can really begin with job hunting and moving and paying more bills and being adult-ish. Wait, did I say “fun”?

So instead of reading about my professional procrastinator skills, you can read about how much I “enjoy” said adult-ish things mentioned above. Aren’t you excited?

Okay, it won’t be THAT bad. Life goes on, and I am determined to make the best of it! New beginnings and new adventures await!

Also, I am debating whether or not to make my friends start calling me “Master” hehe.


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