Killing Time

3 Sep

So I’m writing this from my iPhone. It probably won’t be that long because it’s pretty much like Im texting this whole thing. Haha.

“That ship has sailed.” This expression has been on my mind a lot lately, for many different reasons. But it has made me wonder… is there anything I can do to make that ship come back? I mean, ships sail, they do, and that’s good and all, but really, the ship is sailing without you. That’s the idea. You missed it. Nothing you can do. Such is life.

Sometimes I just wish I had made it to the ship in time.

The what-ifs and the if-onlys begin to consume your thoughts. You could have made it if… what would it be like if you made this decision over that one…

It’s hard to see the ship from a distance, knowing the people on it are having a grand ol time. Without you. It’s a sucky feeling to be left on the shore. Alone.

Guess some of us are just waiting for the right ship to sail on.


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