I am a rambler. Not the car.

8 Mar

So Im watching House. I love that show. One time I saw Hugh Laurie on some talk show and it was really strange because in real life he has a British accent and is actually quite polite. Seriously. It was weird.

You know what else is weird? The fact that its March already. There’s Easter candy in the stores. College kids are having their spring breaks. St Patrick’s Day is like a week away. It’s kinda ridiculous. 

Also, the sunshine has decided to come back home to Florida. It was away on business, Im pretty sure, shining its sunniness and sharing its warmth with those less-Florida-ish. Its back now though. I mean, we are pretty much the favorite. 

House and Wilson are talking about blood types. Im O positive. For the record. I actually like to donate blood, I should probably do that soon because its been a while. You know what else I should do? Go to sleep. Losing that hour is going to make this week a little rough. Now I’ll be waking up before the sun… sigh. Here’s something I noticed this morning though, after the time change: I never set the clock in the corner of my room back during the “fall back” gain an hour event. So now my clock is right. Well, technically its like 20 minutes fast, Im not sure how, but yeah. Its kinda sad, I know, but on the other hand, its kinda awesome. haha

Sorry about the ramblings. Did you know theres a middle school or high school or something around here whose mascot is a Rambler – like the car. Yeah. I didnt even know that a Rambler was a car until my friend told me about this school. I thought she was saying they were “the ramblers” as in, they like to ramble on about random things. I was like, what? Thats not a mascot. 

Its not.

Alright kids. Im outtie.


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