peace out 2008

31 Dec

Wow. So I have been rejecting my poor lil blog. Sorry! With finals week and Christmas Break, things have been hectic… but Im back! WHOO!

Being home again over the break has been quite interesting this year. I have a few friends that come in from out of town and other states, so its always like a mini-reunion (which also means theres always some drama-drama!). Its funny how things change from year to year though. Now some are married, some are in new relationships, some are no longer in relationships… some are no longer here at all. Its strange how time flies and people change (or dont change). 

So who knows what 2009 will bring?

Not me.

But lets see… 2008 wasn’t so bad. It was definitely a strange time in my life though. A transitional, self-seeking/searching time. Not that I have everything figured out now, but at least I feel like there is SOME direction in my life. There was pain and heartache, learning and growing, giving and taking… experiencing life. I guess I try to choose to live with a “no regrets” attitude. As long as you learn from it, it wasn’t a waste. So all the journey of this past year — the good and the bad — has hopefully made me stronger and wiser and more the person I was created to be. 

So goodbye 2008, thanks for the memories.


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