28 Nov

So Ive been trying to write here every day. This means some blogs will have good, maybe even meaningful things to say, while others wont even come close. Im just spilling all my thoughts out that are in my head at the the moment, hoping they arent too ridiculous. With an “ri” – not “re”. Now you know.


There is a lot of music I am listening to loving right now:

Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns (my fave at the moment)

Thrice – The Alchemy Index Vol III & IV: Air & Earth

Sleeping at Last – Keep No Score

Copeland – You Are My Sunshine

Okay, thats enough for now. You should check them out.


Today I shall embark once again on a journey through the land of automobiles, lovingly referred  to as “that car show thing” – our family Thanksgiving tradition. It really is an auto show, and we really do go every Thanksgiving. Usually ON Thanksgiving, but this year, the day after. Sadly, this meant that yesterday we put up most of the Christmas decorations… and by most, I mean everything. No one should ever be putting up Christmas decorations ON Thanksgiving day. Its unnatural.

My sister awoke at 3am for the oh-so-fun Black Friday Shopping Adventure. Ive had my fair share of 3am’s in the past, so today I had no problem letting this one pass me by while I dreamed of things I dont even remember. Yes, this year, I have left the hardcore professional shoppers to the chaos that they apparently thrive upon. Good luck to you.

Sometimes I feel like there is a wall of bitterness inside me. Its the most ugly and pointless wall ever, and I wish I could just tear it down, but I need help. Im not all that great with a sledgehammer, and I dont really think Im strong enough to destroy a whole wall by myself. Maybe these sorts of demolition projects take time?


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