new beginnings

23 Nov

Okay. I have no real expectations for the purpose of these future blogs or what they will be about. Probably a wide variety of random nonsense. You have been warned.

I mean, I already have a myspace to blog on, so why would I possibly need another blogging outlet?? I have no idea. I definately dont have THAT many important thoughts that need to be shared with the virtual world. Perhaps I just like the idea of blogging, more so than the actual process. Like some people like the idea of being in a relationship, more so than actually being in one. Or like some people like the idea of truth, more so than actually living / speaking / receiving it… etc. Perhaps we really do like those things, but we just lack the commitment to follow through with them, to hold on long enough to reach the desired end results. Instant gratification? I think we are all guilty of that mindset.

Or maybe, just maybe, this whole “need to blog” is rooted in that deep desire – the human need in each of us- to be known.

Purpose. Value. Worth. Things we all search for and even create in our own lives. Yet so few of us are truly understood for who GOD created us to be. There is freedom in Truth – freedom in being vulnerable, sharing your successes and struggles, your journey.

Now, I realize these sorts of “soul-to-soul” sessions should probably take place with those closest to you, who love you, and whom you trust. The Bible talks about walking “in the light” and having fellowship with one another (I John 1:7). Im not sure how it all works, but when we walk in the light – when we allow ourselves to be known – we receive a deep fellowship with one another in Christ. I recommend you try it sometime.

Have purposeful relationships.

Live intentionally.


One Response to “new beginnings”

  1. drew November 23, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    hey! wow! what a great post to begin with.
    and you only live in jacksonville.
    that is not far enough away to justify us having not hung out in a long time. lol.

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